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Appendix:Roman numerals

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Roman numerals

Roman numerals (uppercase, lowercase) Special character Arabic numeral for the same number
I, i , 1
II, ii , 2
III, iii , 3
IV, iv , 4
V, v , 5
VI, vi , 6
VII, vii , 7
VIII, viii , 8
IX, ix , 9
X, x , 10
L, l , 50
C, c , 100
D, d , 500
M, m , , 1000

Usage notes

  1. The numerals composing a number are written in decreasing order from left to right (but see note 3).
  2. The values of the numerals making up a number are summed to determine the value of the number (but see note 3).
  3. When a smaller numeral immediately precedes a larger one (which is usually the next largest numeral), the smaller is subtracted from the larger (eg, IX stands for 10 − 1, or 9).
  4. A numeral with a macron over it stands for 1000 times the numeral without the macron.
  5. The lower-case numerals are often used to number the pages of introductory chapters of books.

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