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Russian adjectives

This template is for adjectives ending on г, к, х + ий that take paradigms like высокий. For adjectives without short forms, simply leave those parameters blank. This template also drops the entry into Category:Russian adjectives.

See the list at Dictionary:Russian inflection templates for those you will need for different paradigms.


  1. Stem without stress for wikilinking
  2. Stem with stress
  3. Short form, masculine wikilinked like [[высок|высо́к]]
  4. Short form, feminine wikilinked like [[высока|высока́]]
  5. Short form, neuter wikilinked like [[высоко|высоко́, высо́ко]]
  6. Short form, plural wikilinked like [[высоки|высоки́, высо́ки]]
  7. о or об (before prepositional)


{{ru-adj2|высок|высо́к|[[высок|высо́к]]|[[высока|высока́]]|[[высоко|высоко́, высо́ко]]|[[высоки|высоки́, высо́ки]]|о}}


  singular plural
masculine feminine neuter
nominative case {{{2}}}ий

[[{{{1}}}ая |{{{2}}}ая]]

[[{{{1}}}ое |{{{2}}}ое]]

[[{{{1}}}ие |{{{2}}}ие]]

genitive case [[{{{1}}}ого|{{{2}}}ого]]

[[{{{1}}}ой |{{{2}}}ой]]


[[{{{1}}}их |{{{2}}}их]]

dative case [[{{{1}}}ому|{{{2}}}ому]]

[[{{{1}}}ой |{{{2}}}ой]]


[[{{{1}}}им |{{{2}}}им]]

accusative case inanimate

[[{{{1}}}ую |{{{2}}}ую]]

[[{{{1}}}ое |{{{2}}}ое]]

[[{{{1}}}ие |{{{2}}}ие]]

instrumental case [[{{{1}}}им |{{{2}}}им]]

[[{{{1}}}ой |{{{2}}}ой]]

[[{{{1}}}им |{{{2}}}им]]


prepositional case {{{7}}} [[{{{1}}}ом|{{{2}}}ом]]

{{{7}}} [[{{{1}}}ой|{{{2}}}ой]]

{{{7}}} [[{{{1}}}ом|{{{2}}}ом]]

{{{7}}} [[{{{1}}}их|{{{2}}}их]]

short form {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}