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From Middle English < Old English tacan < Old Norse taka.



to take

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to take (third-person singular simple present takes, present participle taking, simple past took, past participle taken)
  1. To grasp with the hands.
  2. To grab and move to oneself.
    I’ll take that plate off the table.
  3. To get into one's possession.
  4. To accept.
    Do you take sugar in your coffee?
    We take all major credit cards.
  5. (military) To gain a position by force.
    After a bloody battle, they were able to take the city.
  6. To have sex with forcefully, possibly without consent.
    The rapist took his victims in dark alleys.
  7. To carry, particularly to a particular destination.
    I'll take the plate with me.
  8. To choose.
    I'll take the blue plates.
  9. To support or carry without failing or breaking.
    That truck bed will only take two tons.
  10. To endure or cope with.
    I can take the noise, but I can't take the smell.
  11. (baseball) To not swing at a pitch
    He’ll probably take this one.
  12. To ingest medicine, drugs, etc.
    I take aspirin every day to thin my blood.
  13. (Template loop detected: Template:context 1) To assume or interpret to be.
    Do you take me for a fool?
    I take it you're not going?
    Looking at him as he came into the room, I took him for his father.
    He was often taken to be a man of means.
  14. To enroll (in a class, or a course of study).
    I plan to take math, physics, literature and flower arrangement this semester.
  15. To participate in, undergo, or experience.
    Aren't you supposed to take your math final today?
    When will you take your vacation?
    I had to take a pee.
  16. (climbing) To tighten (take up) a belaying rope. Often used imperatively.
  17. To fight or attempt to fight somebody. (See also take on.)
    Don't try to take that guy. He's bigger than you.
  18. To stick, persist, thrive or remain.
    I started some tomato seeds last spring, but they didn't take.
  19. (cricket) To catch the ball; especially for the wicket-keeper to catch the ball after the batsman has missed or edged it.
  20. (impersonal) To require.
    Looks like it's gonna take a taller person to get that down.
    It takes a village to raise a child.
  21. (photography) To capture using a photographic camera.
    The photographer took a picture of our family.
  22. To last or expend [an amount of time].
    I estimate the trip will take about ten minutes.
  23. For example.
    I've had a lot of problems recently. Take last Monday. The car broke down on the way to work. Then ...etc.


  • 1611King James Version of the Bible, Luke 1:1
    Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us...


Derived terms

See also taken and taking





take ({{{1}}})
  1. An act of taking.
  2. Something that is taken.
  3. A (1) profit, (2) reward, (3) bribe, illegal payoff or unethical kickback.
    (1) & (2): He wants half of the take if he helps with the job.
    (3) The mayor is on the take.
  4. An interpretation or view.
    What’s your take on this issue, Fred?
  5. (filmology) An attempt to record a scene.
    It’s a take.
    Act seven, scene three, take two.
  6. (rugby) A catch.
  7. (acting) A facial gesture in response to an event.
    I did a take when I saw the new car in the driveway.
  8. (cricket) A catch of the ball, especially by the wicket-keeper.



Derived terms


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take (hiragana たけ)

  1. : bamboo
  2. : height
  3. : peak, mountain

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