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она (oná)

  1. third-person feminine singular pronoun: she, it.
  2. third-person feminine singular objective pronoun: her, it.


Singular Plural
nominative она́ они́
genitive её (неё) их (них)
dative ей (ней) им (ним)
accusative её (неё) их (них)
instrumental е́ю / ей (не́ю / ней) и́ми (ни́ми)
prepositional о ней о них
N.B.— Whenever a preposition stands immediately before any of the oblique cases of the third-person pronoun (singular or plural) and directly governs it, then an н- is prefixed to the pronoun: от неё (ot nejó, from her), на ней (na nej, on her), у неё (u nejó, she has), к ней (k nej, to her), с нею (s néju, with her).
The explanation for the н-prothesis is that, originally, some Russian prepositions ended in the letter -н: сън (sŭn, “with” Greek σύν, Latin cum). Eventually, the final н of these prepositions migrated across to the pronoun, so that вън её became modern в неё, and then this was extended to include all prepositions when governing any third-person pronoun.
Note that if the preposition does not directly govern её (i.e., when её is a possessive pronoun), then the н- is not inserted: у её брата (u jejó bráta, at her brother’s), о её матери (o jejó máteri, about her mother), в её комнате (v jejó kómnate, in her room).

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