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أخذ (’áxaða) (verb form I)

  1. to take
  2. to take along
  3. to get, to receive, to obtain
  4. to seize, to grab, to take hold
  5. to perceive, to notice
  6. to gather, to understand, to infer, to deduce
  7. to grip, to captivate, to spellbind
  8. to keep, to observe, to adopt, to embrace, to follow
  9. to accept
  10. to admonish, to urge, to drive
  11. to enjoin, to impose
  12. to strip, to deprive, to cut off, to bar
  13. to reproach, to blame
  14. to obligate
  15. to learn, to study
  16. to begin, to start
  17. (followed by an imperfective verb) to prepare to, to set out to, to be about to, to get ready to

أخّذ (’áxxaða) (verb form II)

  1. to put under a spell, to enchant, to bewitch

آخذ (’āxaða) (verb form III)

  1. to censure, to blame
  2. to punish
  3. to resent

اتخذ (’ittáxaða) (verb form VIII)

  1. to take
  2. to take on, to assume
  3. to take up, to occupy
  4. to pass, to adopt (a resolution)
  5. to have in mind
  6. to make use of
  7. to imitate, to affect
  8. to make something out of something


أخذ (’aχð) m.

  1. acceptance, reception
  2. seizure
  3. taking away, removal

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