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Appendix:Ghanaian given names

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Traditional names in Ghana' vary by ethnic group.

There are many ethnic groups in Ghana, West Africa. Most of them base the first names they give to their newly born children on the day of the week on which the child has been born. The following are some of them

Kwasi/Kwesi-- a boy born on Sunday

Esi-- a girl born on Sunday

Kwadzo/Kwedzo-- a boy born on Monday

Adzoa/Edzoa-- a girl born on Monday

Kobla--a boy born on Tuesday

Abra/Abla-- a girl born on Tuesday

Kwaku/Kweku-- a boy born on Wednesday

Akua/Ekua-- a girl born on Wednesday

Yao/Yawo-- a boy born on Thursday

Yawa-- a girl born on Thursday

Kofi-- a boy born on Friday

Afi-- a girl born on Friday

Kwame-- a boy born on Saturday

Ami-- a girl born on Saturday