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Appendix:Variations of "x"

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The letter "x" is subject to a wide range of variations through the addition of diacritics, capitalization, punctuation, and use in different scripts. These include:

Capitalization, and punctuation

  • x - minuscule (plain)
  • X - majuscule (plain)
  • -x


Other scripts

Other representations of X
NATO phonetic Morse code
X-ray –··–
ICS X-ray.svg Semaphore X-ray.svg Sign language X.svg ⠭
Signal flag Semaphore ASL Manual Braille




Ancient Greek



  • × (multiplication sign)
  • (box drawings left diagonal cross)
  • (multiplication x)
  • (ballot x)
  • (heavy ballot x)
  • × (vector or cross product)


Similar symbols

  • Χ and χ(uppercase and lowercase forms of the Greek letter chi)
  • Х (Cyrillic kha)
  • (Japanese katakana character me)
  • א (Hebrew aleph) sometimes looks like X when handwritten)
  • (Japanese/Chinese character usually used in names, pronounced as "Ai")
  • (pre-Norman Britain (gyfu), a letter in the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc runic alpabet which also indicated a gift)