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Category:Chinese words needing attention

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Words appear in this category because they have missing parameters from templates or other missing information. This is to catch the attention of those working on these entries.

If you don't understand why a word appears here, don't worry about it!

A word appearing here does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the entry, only that it may be improved.

Specifically, words are categorized here by templates, sorted under a key letter indicating why they appear here:

  • * Template:zh-attention indicates the word has been marked as needing attention; sorts first
  • h from {{rfscript}}, some hanzi needed, these entries will often be English words needing hanzi in translations sections
  • p POS templates, indicates that the Pinyin/POJ/Jyutping with tones parameter is missing (pint, pojt, pingt)
  • r POS templates, indicates the rs (radical/stroke) parameter is missing, this includes {{Han char}}
  • z Entries tagged as needing the "Chinese" section separated into proper language sections for Cantonese, Mandarin, Min Nan, etc., with POS headings, and/or the appropriate language templates. Others follow z sorted by radical/stroke.

The definition of what appears in this category will change over time.

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