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Pali (Pāli) is a middle Indo-Aryan language or prakrit. It is most famous as the language in which the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism (also known as the Pāli Canon or in Pāli the Tipitaka) were written down in Sri Lanka in the 1st century BCE. Pāli has been written in a variety of Writing Systems, from Brahmi, Devanagari and other Indic scripts through to a Latin alphabet (western) form devised by Thomas William Rhys Davids of the Pali Text Society.

Language Origins and development

The word Pāli itself signifies "line" or "(canonical) text" and it is now classified as a literary language.

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akkhi akkharasamaya akhāta agāra agga aggala aṅga aṅgāra accanta accayena ajjhāvasati aññatara aññathā atikkamati atirocati attabhāva attha adhiṭṭhati anāgata


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