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Category:Cardinal numbers

The following is a list of Finnish words related to cardinal numbers.

For other languages, see table at Category:Cardinal numbers

When written, the cardinal numbers in Finnish are divided in groups of three without any marks: 3,000,000,000 -> 3 000 000 000

All the cardinal numbers in Finnish from 20 to 100 are composed by the following pattern:

  • kaksi—yhdeksän + kymmentä + yksi—yhdeksän
    • kolme|kymmentä|seitsemän = thirty-seven

Hundreds are simply added to the same set, one hundred in nominative and the hundreds of two hundred—nine hundred in partitive:

  • (100—199) sata (nom.) + kymmenen—yhdeksäntoista / kaksikymmentä—yhdeksänkymmentä + yksi—yhdeksän
    • sata|kuusikymmentä|viisi = one hundred and sixty-five
  • (200—999) kaksi—yhdeksän + sataa + kymmenen—yhdeksäntoista / kaksikymmentä—yhdeksänkymmentä + yksi—yhdeksän
    • kuusisataa (part.) seitsemänkymmentäneljä = six hundred and seventy-four

All the numbers making groups of three are divided, but the ends (tuhatta, miljoonaa, miljardia) are separated from the beginnings:

  • 300 700 400 200 -> kolmesataa miljardia seitsemänsataa miljoonaa neljäsataa tuhatta kaksisataa

All the declinable parts of the number must be in the same case, the case suffix of the last declinable part is added to the number with a colon:

  • (inessive) kolmessa miljoonassa neljässäsadassakuudessakymmenessäneljässä tuhannessa yhdeksässäsadassakuudessatoista (3 464 916:ssa-ssa from -kuudessatoista)
    • in (3,464,916) three million and four hundred and sixty-four thousand and nine hundred and sixteen

Note: the numbers below are the nominatives singular, which are, however, always used with a partitive singular, although the two words refer to many things. The number being singular, the verb is also conjugated in the singular:

If the writer conjugates the verb in the plural, the subject is highlighted to be definite: [1]
  • In other cases, the cardinal number is congruent with the main word:
  • kolmea ihmis = three people (object)
  • kuudessa ihmisessä = in six people
  • yhdeksälle ihmiselle = to nine people
  • All the Finnish cardinal numbers have also plural forms:

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