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Category:la:Days of the week

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Category:Days of the week

The following is a list of Latin words related to days of the week.

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The Romans did not have names for the seven days of the week until 321 CE, after the Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity. At that time, the following seven names based on the gods and planets were adopted.

  1. dīēs Sōlis (day of the sun, Sunday)
  2. dīēs Lūnae (day of the moon, Monday)
  3. dīēs Mārtis (day of Mars, Tuesday)
  4. dīēs Mercurī (day of Mercury', Wednesday)
  5. dīēs Iovis (day of Jupiter/Jove, Thursday)
  6. dīēs Veneris (day of Venus, Friday)
  7. dīēs Saturnī (day of Saturn, Saturday)

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