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Citations of cattle

Singular construction

  • 1861, Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of ..., page 124
    [...] have perfect knowledge what township the cattle is of.
  • n.d., Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, page 203
    The stealing of one or more cattle is punishable by imprisonment in the penitentiary
  • 1908, Earley Vernon Wilcox, Clarence Beaman Smith, Farmer's Cyclopedia of Live Stock, page 224
    The standard beef cattle is the steer.
  • 1912, The Shilluk People, Their Language and Folklore, page 172
    How the Cattle is brought across the River.
  • n.d., Readings in Asian Farm Management, ed., Tan Bock Thiam & shao-Er Ong, page 112
    Draught-cattle is often kept for more than seven years.
  • 2002, Christopher Gustavus Tiedeman, A Treatise on State and Federal Control of Persons and Property, page 758
    [...] the disposition is generally shown to require the fields to be fenced in, while the cattle is permitted to roam at large