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  1. (Template loop detected: Template:context 1) Alternative spelling of Korea.
    • 1699, William Dampier, A New Voyage round the World, page 274
      I would take the ſame method if I was to go to diſcover the North Eaſt Paſſage. I would winter about Japan, Corea, or the North Eaſt part of China; and taking the Spring and Summer before me, I would make my firſt trial on the Coaſt of Tartary [...]
    • 1788, unknown translator, Jean-Baptiste Grosier, A General Description of China, page 245
      The Mantchews, thus maſters of Corea, endeavoured to compel their new ſubjects to ſhave their heads, after their manner, and to adopt the Tartar dreſs.
    • 1922, Elizabeth F. Parker, Amber, page 12
      In the latter country it is mostly black and known as Whitby jet, while in Corea and Japan it is red in color and opaque.

Usage notes

  • 1999, Keith Pratt and Richard Rutt with additional material by James Hoare, Korea: A Historical and Cultural Dictionary, Routledge, page 232
    'Corea' (1613) soon became normal, but 'Korea' appears as early as 1738 and was generally accepted in the 19th century, though 'Corea' lingered as a rarity until 1940.
  • 2004, Andrew C. Nahm, James E. Hoare, Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Korea, Scarecrow Press, pages 95-96
    In the late 1990s, a number of South Koreans began to claim that the Japanese had deliberately fostered the use of Korea rather than Corea so that Japan would be listed before Korea in country lists. [...] There is no evidence that Japan actually did this, and, since Korea was not an independent country from 1910 until 1945, it rarely appeared in country lists.
  • 2006, Samuel S. Kim, The Two Koreas and the Great Powers, Cambridge University Press, page 50
    [T]he spelling of Korea with a "K" is sometimes alleged to be a Japanese invention from the colonial period so that Korea would follow Japan in alphabetical listings in the Roman alphabet.


Proper noun

Corea f

  1. Korea


Proper noun

Corea f

  1. Korea

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