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Dictionary:Cleanup and deletion elements

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This is a very simple catch-all list of all those various templates, categories and lists in use for indicating pages/articles needing cleanup or deletion work (some form of attention). See Cleanup and deletion process for details of how to use these elements.

This page is manually maintained. It may therefore fall out of date. Please update it if, but only if, you are sure of your information. Please check the discussion page first.


The templates and categories which exist only for interproject coordination are struck out in the following table. They are still in use and are in place mainly for compatability with other Wikimedia sister projects.

Type of Entry/Page needing Attention CATEGORY Template Dictionary:
Page with LIST
(if any )
Pages nominated for deletion
see Dictionary:Page deletion guidelines
Requests for deletion {{rfd}}
Requests for deletion WT:RFD
Pages nominated for SPEEDY deletion Candidates for speedy deletion {{delete}} Requests for deletion WT:RFD
Entry or sense tagged nominated for deletion unless citations are produced. Requests for verification {{rfv}} or
Requests for verification WT:RFV
Page passed verification process Survived verification {{rfvpassed}} Requests for verification  ??

Suspected invented word
Add entry to LIST, mark page for deletion
Protologism {{protologism}} List of protologisms WT:LOP
Entries with no (or almost no) Wiktionary formatting at all. Transplanted from Wikipedia or elsewhere. Entries that need to be wikified {{wikify}}    
Pages needing translation into English Pages needing translation into English {{subst:notenglish}}    
Entry missing any definition
- List by language
Definitionless words {{rfdef}}    
Entry missing any Language heading Requests for language cleanup {{subst:nolanguage}}    
Etymology missing Etymology stub {{rfe}}
Pronunciation is missing
- give IPA, or SAMPA.
Pronunciation stub {{rfp}}
Audio pronunciation explicitly requested Requests for audio pronunciation {{rfap}} Pronunciation files requests WT:APR
Words where translations were entered before meanings, yet there are multiple meanings. Check translations
Translations to be checked
Translations to be checked WT:TTBC
Definitions of foreign-language words that are ambiguous because no gloss is provided or because the gloss is not sufficient to distinguish senses of the English word. Translations to be checked {{gloss}} Translations to be checked WT:TTBC
numbered translation table needs to be split into subcomponent named sub-tables in order to let unambiguous translations be entered Requests for translation table cleanup {{rfc-trans}}  ??  ??
Pages nominated for specific cleanup Requests for cleanup {{rfc|reason}}
Requests for cleanup WT:RFC
Category pages nominated for cleanup Requests for category page cleanup {{rfcc}} Requests for cleanup WT:RFC
Requests for Copyright check Requests for Copyright check {{rndc}}
Entries requested by people. N/A N/A Requested entries:English  
Requested/Suggested Wikisaurus Entries N/A N/A Dictionary:Wikisaurus/requested entries  
Short list of missing pages. List is maintained to tease newcomers into making their first entry. N/A N/A project-wanted articles  
Pages referenced, but not existing. Can you create an entry for these links ? Special:Wantedpages N/A N/A  
Pages with either zero or little content (30 characters or less), and therefore needing a proper entry made for them. Special:Shortpages N/A N/A  
This page
Super-Category of all the "Requests"
Do not use {{requests}} on articles, only on the Category pages listed in theis table.

Approximately the same.
  Cleanup and deletion elements WT:CDE
pages which have not been updated since importation from the Webster 1913 edition, and/or words that have been added (and template was included on first and only edit, to show where the data came from.) Webster 1913 {{webster}} Index of lists WT:WEBSTER


The usage of these categories, templates and lists is slightly discouraged. Most exist either for historic reasons or for compatability with sister Wikimedia projects; more specific templates from the previous table are preferred.

Type of Entry/Page needing Attention CATEGORY Template Page with LIST Page
(if any )
Entry with very little information, could/should be built to be an entry.
Use specific stub tag(s) from table above whenever possible.
Note that this will never go away. The MediaWiki: software itself assumes this mechanism exists. Without fundamental software changes to all Wiki sites (including Wikipedia) this can't ever actually be safely removed.
Stub {{stub}}    
A portion of the article was left (presumably to be returned to later) or for foreign language entries (perhaps the person wasn't confident enough in English to take a stab at a definition.)
Use specific stub tag(s) from table above.
Section stub {{substub}}