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These are templates to be used in the etymology section of a word. They automatically expand the name of the language, link to the Wikipedia page of the language and add the word to the category of derivations from that language. Thus they should not be used for the languages which have cognate terms, or for languages that are mentioned for words to compare with.

Webster 1913

These templates “wrap” the language abbreviations used in Webster 1913 (see Dictionary:Abbreviations in Webster#Languages). One function of these templates is to make transcribing etymologies from Webster 1913 simple. Another function is to expand the obscure abbreviation into the full name of the language. A third function of these templates is to automatically categorize words according to their etymologies (see Dictionary:Categorization).

Anglo-Saxon, Old English and Middle English

Webster used three terms where, more commonly, modern convention is to use two. Thus, where Webster uses “AS.” (Anglo-Saxon), it corresponds in modern terms to “Old English”; where Webster uses “OE.” (Old English), it corresponds in modern terms to “(the early period of) Middle English”; where Webster uses “ME.” (Middle English), it corresponds in modern terms to “(the late period of) Middle English”. The Wiktionary community currently has no policy on which form to use, and words are often mixed up between different eras (and categories or indexes) as a result.

As a guideline, try to use the template that fits best according to current scientific practice.

Etymology language templates

The generic {{etyl}} with the appropriate language code, which is listed on the right side of the table, should be used where possible now. The specific templates list on the left is the original method which is deprecated except for cases where there is no language code for the {{etyl}} template. An overview can be found at Category:Etymology templates.

All uses of the original templates are currently being replaced by the equivalent {{etyl}} usage where possible, and are being removed from this table prior to deletion individually as they are emptied.

Specific template Automatically adds word to the category With a link to Equivalent {{etyl}} usage
{{AA.}} Category:Australian Aboriginal derivations w:Australian Aboriginal languages
{{AE.}} Category:American English derivations w:American English
Category:Afrikaans derivations w:Afrikaans {{etyl|af}}
{{African.}} Category:African derivations w:African languages
{{AF.}} Category:Anglo-Norman derivations w:Anglo-Norman language {{etyl|xno}}
{{AGr.}} Category:Ancient Greek derivations w:Ancient Greek {{etyl|grc}}
Category:Akkadian derivations w:Akkadian language {{etyl|akk}}
{{Algon.}} Category:Algonquian derivations w:Algonquian language (disambig!) {{alg}}**
{{AmInd.}} Category:Amerindian derivations w:Amerindian language
{{Arab.}} and
Category:Arabic derivations w:Arabic language {{etyl|ar}}*
Category:Angloromani derivations w:Angloromani language {{etyl|rme}}
Category:Moroccan Arabic derivations w:Moroccan Arabic {{etyl|ary}}
{{AS.}} and
Category:Old English derivations w:Old English language {{etyl|ang}}
Category:Aymara derivations w:Aymara language {{etyl|ay}}*
{{BAram.}} Category:Biblical Aramaic derivations w:Biblical Aramaic
Category:Basque derivations w:Basque language {{etyl|eu}}
{{Balt.}} Category:Baltic derivations w:Baltic languages {{etyl|bat}}**
Category:Bengali derivations w:Bengali language {{etyl|bn}}
{{Berber.}} Category:Berber derivations w:Berber languages {{etyl|ber}}**
{{BFinn.}} Category:Baltic-Finnic derivations w:Baltic-Finnic languages
Category:Bulgarian derivations w:Bulgarian language {{etyl|bg}}
Category:Breton derivations w:Breton language {{etyl|br}}
{{Brythonic.}} Category:Brythonic derivations w:Brythonic language
{{Cant.}} Category:Cantonese derivations w:Cantonese language {{etyl|yue}}
{{Carib.}} Category:Cariban derivations w:Cariban languages {{etyl|car}}
{{Cat.}} Category:Catalan derivations w:Catalan language {{etyl|ca}}
{{Celtic.}} Category:Celtic derivations w:Celtic languages {{etyl|cel}}**
{{Chin.}} Category:Chinese derivations w:Chinese language {{etyl|zh}}*
Category:Chippewa derivations w:Chippewa language {{etyl|ciw}}
Category:Cornish derivations w:Cornish language {{etyl|kw}}
{{Croat.}} Category:Croatian derivations w:Croatian language {{etyl|hr}}
Category:Welsh derivations w:Welsh language {{etyl|cy}}
Category:Czech derivations w:Czech language {{etyl|cs}}
{{D.}} Category:Dutch derivations w:Dutch language {{etyl|nl}}
Category:Dacian derivations w:Dacian language {{etyl|xdc}}
{{Dan.}} Category:Danish derivations w:Danish language {{etyl|da}}
{{Dharuk.}} Category:Dharuk derivations w:Dharuk language
{{E.}} Category:English derivations w:English language {{etyl|en}}
Category:Etruscan derivations w:Etruscan language {{etyl|ett}}
{{F.}} Category:French derivations w:French language {{etyl|fr}}
{{Fi.}} Category:Finnish derivations w:Finnish language {{etyl|fi}}
{{Fl.}} Category:Flemish derivations w:Flemish (linguistics) {{etyl|vls}}
Category:Faroese derivations w:Faroese language {{etyl|fo}}
Category:Finno-Ugric derivations w:Finno-Ugric languages {{etyl|fiu}}**
Category:Frankish derivations w:Frankish language {{etyl|frk}}
{{Fula.}} Category:Fula derivations w:Fula language {{etyl|ff}}*
{{G.}} Category:German derivations w:German language {{etyl|de}}
{{Gael.}} Category:Gaelic derivations w:Gaelic language
{{Gau.}} Category:Gaulish derivations w:Gaulish language
Category:Scottish Gaelic derivations w:Scottish Gaelic language {{etyl|gd}}
Category:Georgian derivations w:Georgian language {{etyl|ka}}
{{Ger.}} Category:Germanic derivations w:Germanic languages {{etyl|gem}}**
{{Gk.}} and
Category:Greek derivations w:Greek language {{etyl|el}}
{{Goth.}} Category:Gothic derivations w:Gothic language {{etyl|got}}
{{Guar.}} Category:Guaraní derivations w:Guaraní language {{etyl|gn}}*
{{Guj.}} Category:Gujarati derivations w:Gujarati language {{etyl|gu}}
Category:Hawaiian derivations w:Hawaiian language {{etyl|haw}}
{{Hwc.}} Category:Hawaiian Pidgin derivations w:Hawaiian Pidgin {{etyl|hwc}}
{{He.}} and
Category:Hebrew derivations w:Hebrew language {{etyl|he}}
{{Hind.}} Category:Hindi derivations w:Hindi language {{etyl|hi}}
{{Hung.}} Category:Hungarian derivations w:Hungarian language {{etyl|hu}}
Category:Icelandic derivations w:Icelandic language {{etyl|is}}
{{IE.}} Category:Indo-European derivations w:Indo-European language {{etyl|ine}}**
{{II.}} Category:Indo-Iranian derivations w:Indo-Iranian language
{{It.}} Category:Italian derivations w:Italian language {{etyl|it}}
{{Ir.}} Category:Irish derivations w:Irish language {{etyl|ga}}
{{Ja.}} Category:Japanese derivations w:Japanese language {{etyl|ja}}
{{JAram.}} Category:Jewish Aramaic derivations w:Judeo-Aramaic language
{{Jav.}} Category:Javanese derivations w:Javanese language {{etyl|jv}}
{{Ko.}} Category:Korean derivations w:Korean language {{etyl|ko}}
{{L.}} Category:Latin derivations w:Latin {{etyl|la}}
{{Lao.}} Category:Lao derivations w:Lao language {{etyl|lo}}
{{LG.}} Category:Low German derivations w:Low German {{etyl|nds}}
{{Lith.}} Category:Lithuanian derivations w:Lithuanian language {{etyl|lt}}
{{LL.}} Category:Late Latin derivations w:Late Latin
{{Malay.}} Category:Malay derivations w:Malay language {{etyl|ms}}*
Category:Malayalam derivations w:Malayalam language {{etyl|ml}}
{{Mand.}} Category:Mandarin derivations w:Mandarin language {{etyl|cmn}}
Category:Manx derivations w:Manx language {{etyl|gv}}
Category:Maori derivations w:Māori language {{etyl|mi}}
{{Mayan.}} Category:Mayan derivations w:Mayan languages {{etyl|myn}}**
Category:Mazandarani derivations w:Mazandarani language {{etyl|mzn}}
{{MChin.}} Category:Middle Chinese derivations w:Middle Chinese
{{MD.}} Category:Middle Dutch derivations w:Middle Dutch language {{etyl|dum}}
{{ME.}} Category:Middle English derivations w:Middle English {{etyl|enm}}
{{MF.}} Category:Middle French derivations w:Middle French {{etyl|frm}}
{{MGr.}} Category:Modern Greek derivations w:Modern Greek {{etyl|ell}}
{{MHG.}} Category:Middle High German derivations w:Middle High German {{etyl|gmh}}
{{ML.}} Category:Mediaeval Latin derivations w:Mediaeval Latin
{{MLG.}} Category:Middle Low German derivations w:Middle Low German {{etyl|gml}}
{{MN.}} Category:Middle Norwegian derivations w:Middle Norwegian
{{Mod.}} Category:Mobilian derivations w:Mobilian Jargon {{etyl|mod}}
{{My.}} Category:Mycenaean Greek derivations w:Mycenaean language {{etyl|gmy}}
{{N.}} Category:Norman derivations w:Norman language
{{Nahu.}} Category:Nahuatl derivations w:Nahuatl language {{etyl|nah}}**
{{Navajo.}} Category:Navajo derivations w:Navajo language {{etyl|nv}}
{{NL.}} Category:New Latin derivations w:New Latin
{{Norw.}} Category:Norwegian derivations w:Norwegian language {{etyl|no}}*
{{Nov.}} Category:Novial derivations w:Novial {{etyl|nov}}
{{OCS.}} Category:Old Church Slavonic derivations w:Old Church Slavonic {{etyl|cu}}
{{OD.}} Category:Old Dutch derivations w:Old Dutch language {{etyl|odt}}
{{OF.}} Category:Old French derivations w:Old French {{etyl|fro}}
{{OFries.}} Category:Old Frisian derivations w:Old Frisian {{etyl|ofs}}
{{OHG.}} Category:Old High German derivations w:Old High German {{etyl|goh}}
{{Ohlo.}} Category:Ohlone derivations w:Ohlone
{{OIr.}} Category:Old Irish derivations w:Old Irish {{etyl|sga}}
{{OL.}} Category:Old Latin derivations w:Old Latin
{{ON.}} Category:Old Norse derivations w:Old Norse language {{etyl|non}}
{{OP.}} Category:Old Persian derivations w:Old Persian {{etyl|peo}}
{{OPl.}} Category:Old Polish derivations w:Old Polish language
{{OS.}} Category:Old Saxon derivations w:Old Saxon {{etyl|osx}}
{{OSp.}} Category:Old Spanish derivations w:Old Spanish language {{etyl|osp}}
{{OSw.}} Category:Old Swedish derivations w:Old Swedish
{{Pers.}} Category:Persian derivations w:Persian language {{etyl|fa}}*
{{Pg.}} Category:Portuguese derivations w:Portuguese language {{etyl|pt}}
{{Ph.}} Category:Phoenician derivations w:Phoenician language {{etyl|phn}}
{{Pl.}} Category:Polish derivations w:Polish language {{etyl|pl}}
{{Pr.}} Category:Provençal derivations w:Provençal language {{etyl|oc}}
{{Pua.}} Category:Purepecha derivations w:Purepecha language {{etyl|tsz}}
{{Quech.}} Category:Quechuan derivations w:Quechuan language {{etyl|qu}}*
{{R.}} Category:Romanian derivations w:Romanian language {{etyl|ro}}
{{Romani.}} Category:Romani derivations w:Romani language {{etyl|rom}}*
{{Russ.}} Category:Russian derivations w:Russian language {{etyl|ru}}
{{S.}} and
Category:Spanish derivations w:Spanish language {{etyl|es}}
{{Sard.}} Category:Sardinian derivations w:Sardinian language {{etyl|sc}}*
{{Sco.}} Category:Scots derivations w:Scots language {{etyl|sco}}
{{Scn.}} Category:Sicilian derivations w:Sicilian language {{etyl|scn}}
{{Sem.}} Category:Semitic derivations w:Semitic languages {{etyl|sem}}**
{{Sh.}} Category:Shanghainese derivations w:Shanghainese language {{wuu}}
{{Shelta.}} Category:Shelta derivations w:Shelta language {{etyl|sth}}
{{SH.}} Category:Serbo-Croatian derivations w:Serbo-Croatian {{etyl|sh}}
{{Skr.}} Category:Sanskrit derivations w:Sanskrit language {{etyl|sa}}
{{Sla.}} Category:Slavonic derivations w:Slavic languages {{etyl|sla}}**
Category:Sumerian derivations w:Sumerian language {{etyl|sux}}
{{Sw.}} Category:Swedish derivations w:Swedish language {{etyl|sv}}
{{Swah.}} Category:Swahili derivations w:Swahili language {{etyl|sw}}*
{{Syr.}} Category:Syriac derivations w:Syriac language {{etyl|syr}}*
{{Ta.}} and
Category:Taíno derivations w:Taíno {{etyl|tnq}}
Category:Tamil derivations w:Tamil language {{etyl|ta}}
{{Tel.}} Category:Telugu derivations w:Telugu language {{etyl|te}}
Category:Thai derivations w:Thai language {{etyl|th}}
Category:Tibetan derivations w:Tibetan language {{etyl|bo}}
Category:Tagalog derivations w:Tagalog language {{etyl|tl}}
Category:Tongan derivations w:Tongan language {{etyl|to}}
Category:Tok Pisin derivations w:Tok Pisin {{etyl|tpi}}
{{Tupi.}} Category:Old Tupi derivations w:Old Tupi language
{{Tur.}} Category:Turkic derivations w:Turkic languages
{{Turk.}} Category:Turkish derivations w:Turkish language {{etyl|tr}}
Category:Ukrainian derivations w:Ukrainian language {{etyl|uk}}
{{Ural.}} Category:Uralic derivations w:Uralic languages
{{Urd.}} Category:Urdu derivations w:Urdu {{etyl|ur}}
{{VL.}} Category:Vulgar Latin derivations w:Vulgar Latin
{{Yidd.}} Category:Yiddish derivations w:Yiddish language {{etyl|yi}}*
Category:Zulu derivations w:Zulu language {{etyl|zu}}

† - Actually the code for a parent group, but code isn’t used elsewhere in the table.

* - A macrolanguage.

** - A collective code.

Proto languages

The individual and {{etyl}} templates for proto languages (e.g. Proto-Indo-European) are deprecated in favour of the specific {{proto}} template. See template talk:proto for usage instructions.