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When we understand that man is the only animal who must create meaning, who must open a wedge into neutral nature, we already understand the essence of love. Love is the problem of an animal who must find life, create a dialogue with nature in order to experience his own being.
Ernest Becker
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Compact list of shortcuts used

This list is a trimmed-down one of main shortcuts. There is also an exhaustive list and a generated list.

WT:-) Dictionary:Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense
WT:ADMIN (WT:A) Dictionary:Administrators
WT:AN Dictionary:Announcements
WT:BOOK Dictionary:Bookmarklets
WT:BP Dictionary:Beer parlour
WT:CAT Special:Categories
WT:CFI Dictionary:Criteria for inclusion
WT:COW Dictionary:Collaboration of the week
WT:DR Dictionary:Discussion rooms
WT:DW Dictionary:Administrators/Dishwashing
WT:STYLE (WT:ELE) Dictionary:Entry layout explained
WT:FAQ Dictionary:FAQ
WT:GP Dictionary:Grease pit
WT:GPA Dictionary:Grease pit archive
WT:ID Dictionary:Information desk
WT:LOP Dictionary:List of protologisms
WT:RA Dictionary:Requested entries
WT:RFC Dictionary:Requests for cleanup
WT:RFCA Dictionary:Requests for cleanup/archive
WT:RFD Dictionary:Requests for deletion
WT:RFDA Dictionary:Requests for deletion/archive
WT:RFV Dictionary:Requests for verification
WT:RFVA Dictionary:Requests for verification/archive
WT:RT Category:Request templates
WT:TAT Help:Tips and tricks
WT:TOW Dictionary:Translations of the week
WT:TR Dictionary:Tea room
WT:VIP Dictionary:Vandalism in progress
WT:WARN Dictionary:Warning
WT:WOD (WT:WOTD) Dictionary:Word of the day
WT:SC This page, Dictionary:Shortcuts
WT:WS (WT:WSI) List of Wikisaurus pages

What is a Wiktionary shortcut?

"Shortcuts" in Wiktionary, derived from their counterparts in Wikipedia, are a specialized type of Redirection page that can be used to get to a commonly used Wiktionary reference page more quickly.

How to use Wiktionary shortcuts

A Wiktionary shortcut can be be entered into the Wiktionary search box to quickly bring you to a reference page.
For example, you can type "WT:BP" into the search box and click the "Go" button to get to the Dictionary:Beer parlour page, instead of having to type "Witionary:Beer parlour".

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut in the URL (web address). For example, you are currently viewing the Dictionary:Shortcut page in English. The URL is
You could get from here to the Dictionary:Beer parlour page by replacing "Dictionary:Shortcut" with "WT:BP" in the URL (web address) field (followed by "Enter").

Shortcuts are presented in all capital letters ("All-Caps"), but the search box is case-insensitive. For example, in the search box, you can type "wt:bp" instead of "WT:BP".

However, using the URL method typically requires that you match the capitalization of the shortcut.

Adding shortcut link boxes in the destination pages

You can add a "shortcut link box" in a shortcut destination page, in order to educate the users about the shortcuts available. A shortcut link box (the "shortcut template") is added to the entry source ("Editing" page) using {{Shortcut|WT:<x>}}.

Examples: Template:Shortcut

{{Shortcut|WT:WS}} renders as:

Rogue shortcuts (cross project redirects)

These don't "work" in terms of getting you there, but are helpful when you type the wrong shortcut, thinking you are already somewhere least these point you in the right direction. (No cross-project redirects work anymore.)

MediaWiki prefix Main Page shortcut Shortcuts shortcut Explicit link
wikt: [[WT:]] WT:WS / WT:WT (this page)
commons: WC: WC:WC / COM:COM commons:Commons:COM
w: WP: WP:WP w:Wikipedia:Shortcuts
n: WN: WN:WN n:Wikinews:Shortcuts
wikisource: WSO: WSO:WSO wikisource:Wikisource:Shortcuts
wikispecies: WSP: n/a wikispecies:Main Page
b: WB: WB:WB / WB:cuts b:Wikibooks:Shortcuts
q: WQ: n/a q:Wikiquote:Main page
m: WM: n/a meta:Main Page
sep11: n/a n/a sep11:In Memoriam (this now resolves to an external link, no longer a WMF project)
bugzilla: n/a n/a bugzilla:1 parameter should be bug number