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Noah Webster

Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language, 1909, is a public domain dictionary, as is also the revised 1913 edition. These dictionaries can be used to empower Wiktionary with more definitions.

These dictionaries were published by the G. & C. Merriam Company of Springfield, MA.

Wikification structure

The exposition order is alphabetic, beginning with pronunciation:

Wikipedia has an article on:

1. Pronunciation

2. Adjective

3. Adverb

4. Noun

5. Pronoun

6. Verb.

They use a first-level title (i.e., ==Pronunciation==).

In the verb, include imp., p. p., p. pr. and vb. n. forms.

Intransitive and Transitive

Wikipedia has an article on:

In verbs, there is a separation between intransitive and transitive forms, using a second-level title (i.e., ===Intransitive===).


Translations are added using a third-level title (i.e., ====Translations====).

The recommended approach to giving translations when there is more than one meaning for a word is to give the translations for each sense in a table, with the meaning reproduced at the top of the table. See shower for an example of how to do this.

The previously used method of putting all translations together and numbering them (as, for example, "*Spanish: 1. Translation of the first meaning. 2. Translation of the second meaning") to distinguish senses is now deprecated, as it is difficult to keep these numbers synchronised with the meanings when new meanings are added or meanings are reordered or removed.

See also: interlanguage link.


Main article: Dictionary:Abbreviations in Webster

More data

One can add more data to the word indicating synonyms, crossref. syn. , similar words, related words and derived forms .

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