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Romanized version of 음훈 (eumhun, “sound meaning”, 音訓).


eumhun (eumhun, hangeul 음훈, hanja 音訓)

  1. Reading the sound (eum) and meaning (hun) of a hanja together.

Usage notes

In modern Korean, when a hanja (Sino-Korean character) appears as a word or part of a word, it has a single pronunciation (its sound). To help readers understand hanja, however, character dictionaries and school textbooks refer to each character not only by its sound but also by its meaning. The word or words used to denote the meaning are usually native Korean words, i.e., not Sino-Korean ones.

For example, the character is referred to in character dictionaries as 사랑 (sarang ae), where 사랑 (sarang) is the word for "love" (the character's meaning) and (ae) is its sound. Similarly, the character is read and referred to as 사람 (saram in), where 사람 (saram) means "person" and (in) is its sound. When the two characters are put together to form the word 愛人, they are simply read as 애인 (ae-in, “beloved, sweetheart”). When verbs are defined, they are put into the future tense (e.g. is read as 있을 (isseul yu)).

This dual sound-meaning concept is similar but not identical to the Japanese on and kun readings of kanji, whereby a character may be read according to its sound (on) or meaning (kun).

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