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We only seem to learn from Life that Life doesn't matter so much as it seemed to do—it's not so burningly important, after all, what happens. We crawl, like blinking sea-creatures, out of the Ocean onto a spur of rock, we creep over the promontory bewildered and dazzled and hurting ourselves, then we drop in the ocean on the other side: and the little transit doesn't matter so much.
D. H. Lawrence
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Rhymes » English »  » iː


enPR: , IPA: /-iː/, SAMPA: /-i:/


  • Initialisms ending in Z (pronounced zee in US English) are also rhymes for words on this page. These are not listed here, but rather by UK English pronunciation (zed) at ɛd. For consistency, please add any other initialisms ending in Z to that page rather than this one, unless the Z is always pronounced zee.


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