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This is a port from the Wikipedia template {{cite web}}. See the information page there for assistance.


{{cite web
| last =
| first =
| authorlink =
| coauthors =
| date = 
| year = 
| month =
| url =
| title =
| format =
| work =
| pages =
| publisher =
| language =
| accessdate =
| accessyear =

{{cite web|last= |first= |authorlink= |coauthors= | date= |url= |title= |format= |work= |pages= |publisher= | language= |accessdate= |accessyear= }}

Required parameters

  • url: URL of online item.
  • title: Title of online item.
  • accessdate: Date (Month Day) when item was accessed. Should be ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format.
    • accessyear: Year when item was accessed. (Optional if ISO 8601 date used)

Optional parameters

  • author: Author
    • last works with first to produce last, first
    • authorlink works either with author or with last & first to link to the appropriate article
    • coauthors: allows additional authors
  • date: Full date of publication, in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format, eg. 2006-02-17. Must not be wikilinked.
    • OR: year: Year of publication, and month: Name of the month of publication. If you also have the day, use date instead. Must not be wikilinked.
  • format: Format, i.e. PDF. HTML implied if not specified.
  • work: If this item is part of a larger work, name of that work.
  • publisher: Publisher, if any.
  • pages: Pages, if any, especially if pdf format
  • language: language of publication