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Inflection template for the conjugation of Greek verbs that follow the pattern of μπαίνω. These are irregular first conjugation verbs in the active voice that have all tenses (present, past imperfective, past perfective) with one perfective stem and one past participle. Verbs weirder than that will use the "ridiculously irregular verbs" template, should that ever get written. This template was written to cover ξαναβλέπω, ακούω, and various others, and so... The template takes 21 (that's right, twenty-one) arguments:

  1. stem of the first person singular past imperfective
  2. stem of the first person plural past imperfective
  3. entire second person singular imperfective imperative
  4. entire second person plural imperfective imperative
  5. stem of the first person singular past perfective
  6. stem of the first person plural past perfective
  7. stem of the past participle
  8. entire second person singular perfective imperative
  9. entire second person plural perfective imperative
  10. entire first person singular present
  11. entire second person singular present
  12. entire third person singlar present
  13. entire first person plural present
  14. entire second person plural present
  15. entire third person plural present
  16. entire first person singular future perfective
  17. entire second person singular future perfective
  18. entire third person singular future perfective
  19. entire first person plural future perfective
  20. entire second person plural future perfective
  21. entire third person plural future perfective

For example:


will produce the conjugation of βλέπω (see).