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Template:ga noun f4 nopl

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Fourth declension

Bare forms (no plural of this noun)

Case Singular
Nominative [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]
Vocative a [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]
Genitive [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]
Dative [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]

Forms with the definite article

Case Singular
Nominative an [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]
Genitive na [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]
Dative leis an [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]

don [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]


This template is for Irish feminine nouns of the fourth declension that have no plural form (i.e. mass nouns).

{{ga noun f4 nopl|initial|singular}}

Both parameters are obligatory.

  • initial should be followed by the initial letter of the word (case-sensitive). If the first letter is s, then the first two letters of the word should be listed here
  • singular is the singular form of the noun, omitting the initial letter(s)


For clé, type:

{{ga noun f4 nopl|c|lé}}

For sláinte type:

{{ga noun f4|sl|áinte}}