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Template:ga noun m1

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First declension

Bare forms:

Case Singular Plural
Nominative [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]] [[{{{1}}}{{{3}}}]]
Vocative a [[{{{1}}}{{{3}}}]] a [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}a]]
Genitive [[{{{1}}}{{{3}}}]] [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]
Dative [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]] [[{{{1}}}{{{3}}}]]

Forms with the definite article:

Case Singular Plural
Nominative an [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]] na [[{{{1}}}{{{3}}}]]
Genitive an [[{{{1}}}{{{3}}}]] na [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]
Dative leis an [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]

don [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}]]

leis na [[{{{1}}}{{{3}}}]]


This template is for Irish masculine nouns of the first declension.

{{ga noun m1|initial|nomsg|gensg|pl=|strong=}}

initial, nomsg, and gensg are obligatory parameters and pl= and strong= are optional parameters.

  • initial should be followed by the initial letter of the word (case-sensitive). If the first letter is s, then the first two letters of the word should be listed here.
  • nomsg is the nominative singular form of the noun, omitting the initial letter(s).
  • gensg is the genitive singular form of the noun, omitting the initial letter(s).
  • pl= should:
    • be followed by the complete plural form, omitting the initial letter(s) (if the noun has a strong plural)
    • be followed by a (if the noun has a weak plural ending in -a in the nominative)
    • be omitted (if the noun has a weak plural identical in form to the genitive singular)
  • strong= should be followed by yes if the noun has a strong plural and omitted if the noun has a weak plural.


For bás, genitive singular báis, (strong) plural básanna, type:

{{ga noun m1|b|ás|áis|pl=ásanna|strong=yes}}

For úll, genitive singular úill, (weak) nominative plural úlla, genitive plural úll, type:

{{ga noun m1|ú|ll|ill|pl=a}}

For Sasanach, genitive singular Sasanaigh, (weak) nominative plural Sasanaigh, genitive plural Sasanach, type:

{{ga noun m1|Sa|sanach|sanaigh}}