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Use this template to show the inflection of Portuguese adjectives.

The template adds the entry to Category:Portuguese adjectives. As with other Wiktionary part of speech templates, please do not use subst:.

For an adjective that forms its plural by adding s, enter the template under the Adjective subheading as follows:

{{pt-adj| feminine= }}

E.g., on "branco":

{{pt-adj| feminine=branca }}
branco m. (feminine branca, masculine plural brancos, feminine plural brancas)

If the plural is formed in any way other than adding an s, use the masculine plural and feminine plural parameters:

{{pt-adj| feminine= | masculine plural= | feminine plural= }}

E.g., on "grandão":

{{pt-adj| feminine=grandona | masculine plural=grandões | feminine plural=grandonas }}
grandão m. (feminine grandona, masculine plural grandões, feminine plural grandonas)

Please discuss any problems, questions, or concerns on the template's Talk page. Thank you!