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We are not to make the ideas of contentment and aspiration quarrel, for God made them fast friends. A man may aspire, and yet be quite content until it is time to raise; and both flying and resting are but parts of one contentment. The very fruit of the gospel is aspiration. It is to the heart what spring is to the earth, making every root, and bud, and bough desire to be more. -
Henry Ward Beecher
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Russian adjectives

This template is for adjectives ending on sibilant ж, ш, ч, щ + ий that take paradigms like хороший. For possessive adjectives with similar endings (e.g. собачий) use Template:ru-adj7 instead. For adjectives without short forms, simply leave those parameters blank. This template also drops the entry into Category:Russian adjectives.

See the list at Dictionary:Russian inflection templates for those you will need for different paradigms.


  1. Stem without stress for wikilinking
  2. Stem with stress
  3. Short form, masculine wikilinked like [[хорош|хоро́ш]]
  4. Short form, feminine wikilinked like [[хороша|хороша́]]
  5. Short form, neuter wikilinked like [[хорошо|хорошо́]]
  6. Short form, plural wikilinked like [[хороши|хороши́]]
  7. о or об (before prepositional)




  singular plural
masculine feminine neuter
nominative case {{{2}}}ий

[[{{{1}}}ая |{{{2}}}ая]]

[[{{{1}}}ее |{{{2}}}ее]]

[[{{{1}}}ие |{{{2}}}ие]]

genitive case [[{{{1}}}его|{{{2}}}его]]

[[{{{1}}}ей |{{{2}}}ей]]


[[{{{1}}}их |{{{2}}}их]]

dative case [[{{{1}}}ему|{{{2}}}ему]]

[[{{{1}}}ей |{{{2}}}ей]]


[[{{{1}}}им |{{{2}}}им]]

accusative case inanimate

[[{{{1}}}ую |{{{2}}}ую]]

[[{{{1}}}ее |{{{2}}}ее]]

[[{{{1}}}ие |{{{2}}}ие]]

instrumental case [[{{{1}}}им |{{{2}}}им]]

[[{{{1}}}ей |{{{2}}}ей]]

[[{{{1}}}им |{{{2}}}им]]


prepositional case {{{7}}} [[{{{1}}}ем|{{{2}}}ем]]

{{{7}}} [[{{{1}}}ей|{{{2}}}ей]]

{{{7}}} [[{{{1}}}ем|{{{2}}}ем]]

{{{7}}} [[{{{1}}}их|{{{2}}}их]]

short form {{{3}}} {{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}