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Perhaps the old monks were right when they tried to root love out; perhaps the poets are right when they try to water it. It is a blood-red flower, with the color of sin; but there is always the scent of a god about it.
Olive Schreiner
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On the page tala

  • {{sv-verb-reg-ar}}



pastparticiple= (or pastpart=)
to specify the past participle if different from standard. Can be used to suppress the form altogether
if only the last letter is different from what's expected. Defaults to d.


Conjugations of [[{{{1}}}]]
Infinitive [[{{{1}}}]]
Present tense [[{{{1}}}r]]
Past tense [[{{{1}}}de]]
Supine [[{{{1}}}t]]
Imperative [[{{{1}}}]]
Present participle [[{{{1}}}nde]], [[{{{1}}}ndes]]
Past participle sv-verb-reg-ard