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An outro (sometimes "outtro") or extro means the conclusion to a piece of music, literature or television program. It is the opposite of an intro.


"Outro" is a blend or portmanteau as it combines the words "out" and "intro" to create a new word.


  • (Template loop detected: Template:context 1) The term is usually used in popular music; the equivalent in classical music is the coda.
  • (Template loop detected: Template:context 1) In literature, it can also indicate that an "additional ending" or epilogue has been added to the work for emphasis, or because it falls outside what the author or editor feels is the natural conclusion. It normally does not affect the design of the story being told. Classically, the extro was a closing scene where the characters reflected on the preceding story, often directly addressing the audience in verse.

Sometimes it can be incorporated in a sentence as in 'that paragragh has an intro and an outro'

  • (Template loop detected: Template:context 1) In contemporary television, an extro is theme music present over closing credits or played at the end of a program (common in news programs or game shows when the lights go down and the camera angle is wide).

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