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bump and grind

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bump and grind


bump and grind ({{{1}}})
  1. (idiomatic) A sexually suggestive dance involving exaggerated hip movements, especially a striptease dance.
    • 1982, Gerald Clarke, "Are the Stars Out Tonight?," Time, 9 Aug.,
      One of the oddest spectacles in America, in fact, has to be a Tom Jones audience, in which a couple of dozen women, usually attractive and well dressed, throw their panties onto the stage and compete for what appears to be a deep kiss from the male master of the bump and grind.
  2. (by extension) A combination of movements resembling such a dance, as in road racing, whitewater kayaking, or exercising; any activity involving prolonged jarring or shaking.
    • 1998, Lloyd Grove and John Harris, "Crisis Quarterback: Gregory Craig Is Calling the Plays On Clinton's Team," Washington Post, 19 Nov., p. D01 (retrieved 7 Aug. 2008),
      "There's inevitably a bump and grind when someone new comes into an established organization," says former senior adviser Rahm Emanuel.
    • 2005, Viv Bernstein, "Victory Gives Kenseth a Shot at the Chase," New York Times, 29 Aug. (retrieved 7 Aug. 2008),
      The typical bump and grind of short-track racing at Bristol Motor Speedway met with the panicked push of the final races of the Nascar Nextel Cup.


to bump and grind

  1. (idiomatic) To perform such a dance or such movements.
    • 2008, Stephen Regenold, "Ultrafit: Taking the pole position," Mineapolis Star Tribune, 13 Jul.,
      A dozen exercisers show up twice a week to "bump and grind," "do some belly rolls" and "loosen the hip joints."


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