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carbon literacy

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carbon literacy (neologism)

  1. (Template loop detected: Template:context 1) refers or means to possess a general knowledge or awareness of the concepts, causes, and the effects of atmospheric pollution or greenhouse gases on the environment, especially in relation to the climate of earth as in climate change or global warming.
  2. to have the skills necessary to limit or reduce personal and/or collective impact, i.e. carbon footprint, on the environment through more efficient and wise use of available resources and energy.
  3. to have the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in personal carbon trading systems and platforms which focus on financial incentives and investments in new methods, systems, and technologies that limit or reduce greenhouse gas pollution, as in carbon capturing or carbon sequestering, and the research and development of alternative energy sources.

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  • Carbon Literacy™ - An organization dedicated to carbon literacy.[1]

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