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discrepancy (discrepanc)
  1. An inconsistency between facts or sentiments.
    They found a discrepancy between the first set of test results and the second, and they're still trying to figure out why.
  2. The state or quality of being discrepant.


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  • 1841Edgar Allan Poe, Three Sundays in a Week
    The fact is, some trivial discrepancy did exist, just then, between what I said and what I had not the courage to say—between what I did and what I had half a mind to do.
  • 1873James Clerk Maxwell, A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, Preface
    I was aware that there was supposed to be a difference between Faraday's way of conceiving phenomena and that of the mathematicians, so that neither he nor they were satisfied with each other's language. I had also the conviction that this discrepancy did not arise from either party being wrong
  • 1889Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Ch XXVIII
    Sire, as between clothes and countenance, you are all right, there is no discrepancy; but as between your clothes and your bearing, you are all wrong, there is a most noticeable discrepancy.
  • 1911Algernon Blackwood, The Centaur, XXX
    The discrepancies--the omissions in his written account especially--were simply due, I feel, to the fact that his skill in words was not equal to the depth and brilliance of the emotions that he experienced.
  • 1923H. P. Lovecraft, The Horror at Martin's Beach
    Despite the large number of witnesses, no two accounts agree; and the testimony taken by local authorities contains the most amazing discrepancies.
  • 1946Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi, Ch 44
    One day the public treasurer, Kasturabai, could not account for a disbursement of four rupees. Gandhi duly published an auditing in which he inexorably pointed out his wife's four rupee discrepancy.
  • 1978Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, Art XIV
    We deny that alleged errors and discrepancies that have not yet been resolved violate the truth claims of the Bible.
  • 1980NASA/ASEE, Advanced Automation for Space Missions, Ch 5.2
    A machine can compare the stored description of itself with the description obtained by inspection, and note the discrepancies.



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