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ground game

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ground game


ground game ({{{1}}})
  1. (UK, law, Template loop detected: Template:context 2) Rabbits and hares
    • 1880, Ground Game Act[1],  
      1. Every occupier of land shall have, as incident to and inseparable from his occupation of the land, the right to kill and take ground game thereon, concurrently with any other person who may be entitled to kill and take ground game on the same land.
  2. (martial arts) Hand-to-hand combat in which both fighters are on the ground, or skill in such combat
    • 2007 September 8, Scott Sherman & Gerald Harris, “Scott's UFC 75 picks”[2], Salt Lake Tribune, 
      He didn't show a lot of ground game in that fight, but his advantage was on the feet, so that's understandable.
  3. (golf) Putting; hitting the ball along the ground
    • 1999, Harvey Penick & Bud Shrake, The Game for a Lifetime[3], ISBN 0684800594, page 34,  
      Most golf courses built in the 1980s went away from the old-fashioned ground game and forced players to hit the ball high.
  4. (American football, Template loop detected: Template:context 1) Running with the ball, rather than passing
    • 1988 November 26, Mal Florence, “They Take Case to Polls Today USC-Notre Dame Game Could Settle Score for No. 1”[4], Los Angeles Times, page Sports 3, 
      Notre Dame, with its option-type quarterback, Tony Rice, is committed to the ground game.
  5. (US, Template loop detected: Template:context 1) Local political organization
    • 1988 August 8, Paul Taylor, “Texans Say Bentsen on Ticket Rejuvenates State's Democrats”[5], Washington Post, page A1, 
      While the Democratic "ground game" in Texas seems unusually strong, so is the Republicans'.

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