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henda út um glugga

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A woman who could always love would never grow old; and the love of mother and wife would often give or preserve many charms if it were not too often combined with parental and conjugal anger. There remains in the face of women who are naturally serene and peaceful, and of those rendered so by religion, an after-spring, and later an after-summer, the reflex of their most beautiful bloom.
Jean Paul Richter
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From henda meaning "throw" + út meaning "out" + um meaning "of" + glugga the accusative form of gluggi meaning "window".


henda út um glugga

  1. to throw out a window, to defenestrate
    • Ég vil ekki henda honum út um gluggann.
      I don't want to defenestrate him.
    • Ekki henda kettinum út um glugga!
      Don't throw the cat out a window!

Usage notes

  • One puts the person or object whom one is to throw out the window after the verb henda and before the adverb út, in the dative.
    e.g. að henda konu (dative) út um glugga (note: konu is the dative of kona)
    to throw a woman out a window
    e.g. að henda manni (dative) út um glugga (note: manni is the dative of maður)
    to throw a man out a window
    e.g. að henda hesti (dative) út um glugga (note: hesti is the dative of hestur)
    to throw a horse out a window

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