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(index os)


  • Hyphenation: o‧soit‧taa
  • IPA: /'osoitːɑː(ʔ)/


osoittaa (stem osoit-*)

  1. (transitive) To show (to indicate (a fact) to be true; to demonstrate).
  2. (transitive) To indicate (to show or manifest by symptoms).
    Koe osoittaa hänen käyttäneen anabolisia steroideja.
    The test indicates that he has used anabolic steroids.
  3. (transitive) To point (to extend the index finger in the direction of something).
  4. (transitive) To point (direct or encourage (someone) in a particular direction).
    Jos hän pyytää ruokaa, osoita hänet jääkaapille.
    If he asks for food, point him toward the refrigerator.
  5. (transitive) To point out (to identify with a bodily gesture).
  6. (transitive) To find (point out).
  7. (transitive) To direct (to aim at).
    Hän osoitti kysymyksensä huoneelle yleisesti.
    He directed his question to the room in general.
  8. (Template loop detected: Template:context 1) To prove (to demonstrate that something is true).
  9. (Template loop detected: Template:context 1) With vääräksi, to falsify (to prove that something is false).
  10. (transitive) To direct (a letter etc. to someone).
    Tämä kirje on osoitettu sinulle.
    This letter is to you.
    Kenelle osoitan tämän kirjeen?
    To whom shall I direct this letter?
  11. (transitive) To demonstrate (to show the steps taken to create a logical argument or equation).
  12. (transitive) To exhibit (demonstrate).
  13. (transitive) To approve (demonstrate).
  14. (transitive) To manifest (to make clear or evident, prove).


Derived terms

  • osoittaa mieltä(nsä) = to demonstrate (to participate in a demonstration).
Osoitan mieltä(ni) rauhan puolesta.
I'm demonstrating for peace.
  • osoittaa sanansa (+ allative) = to address sb (to direct speech to; literally: to direct one's words to sb).
Hän osoitti sanansa presidentille.
S/he addressed the president.
Galileo osoitti maakeskeisen käsityksen maailmankaikkeudesta vääräksi.
Galileo refuted the geocentric theory of the universe.


  • Hyphenation: o‧soit‧taa
  • IPA: /'osoitːɑː/



  1. Third-person singular indicative present form of osoittaa.

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