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  1. (nonstandard) Eye dialect spelling of you'll.
    • 1857, Barry Alan Grael based on Dion Boucicault's play, The Streets of New York [1], page 70
      Don't go in, ya'll only make thins worse.
    • 1921, Robert Norwood, Bill Boram, page 52
      Bill's spilin' for a fight, / An' one o' these black God-forgotten days / He'll let tha devil tap 'im on tha shoulder, / An' then ya'll see what happens.
    • 1985, V.C. Andrews, Heaven[2], ISBN 0671729446, page 243,  
      Ya'll like that. Ya'll come out smellin like a rose, looking like one, too.
    • 2002, Marina Carr, By the Bog of Cats, page 24
      Ya'll only ever be Xavier Cassidy's work horse. He won't treat ya right.
    • 2006, J. R. Reynolds, Sustenance of Courage, page 281
      But then ya'll only have two oxen if ya do that, Mrs. Burt.


ya’ll pl.

  1. (nonstandard) Common misspelling of y’all.
    • 1886, in Good Words for 1886, Donald MacLeod (ed.), page 201
      Yis, yis; ya'll be forced, or else ya'll tak t' luck awaäy wi' ya, an' that wad niver deä.
    • 1985, Barbara Savage, Miles from Nowhere, page 89
      So ya'll need a place to camp do ya?
    • 1987, Beth Henley, The Lucky Spot, page 20
      Ya'll all gotta look real beautiful for tonight.
    • 1999, Connie Rose Porter, Imani All Mine, page 207
      Ya'll folk forget about the street number.
    • 2000, Frankie Avalon Wolfe, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being Vegetarian, p308
      Hinduism — Ya’ll Come Back Now
    • 2004, James E. Pittman, The Way We See It: Expressed through poetry and rhyme from friends and family, p35
      Ya’ll don’t know bout the Souf, fah real // Let me tell ya’ll how it be.
    • 2004, Ronald Everett Capps, Off Magazine Street, page 291
      Then, when ya'll were young, ya'll probably learned a lot about manners and how to act, didn't ya'll?
    • 2005, Jimmie, Life, Death And Sex In Prison, p21
      “I’m Lieutenant Bunger. Ya’ll do exactly as I or any other uniformed officer here tells you to do, whenever he wants ya’ll to do it. Ifen ya’ll don’t do it quickly enough and the way we tell ya’ll to do it, we’ll march ya’ll right to the fuckin’ ‘hole’. For you new inmates… I mean solitary confinement. We don’t fuck aroun’ with ya’ll here. Ifen ya’ll don’t listen to what we tells yoh, ya’ll be in the ‘hole’ until ya’ll get as blind as a bat from the dark. Right now ya’ll are goin’ to ‘B’ house where ya’ll have a place to sleep this night”.

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